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The Shark Koozie


Love this great koozie that I got as a gift for my birthday

Sports That Shouln’t Exist

One example of a sport that most people have never heard of is the ches-boxing, from the title itself, I know that you may be laughing right now. Because chess and boxing would never be the same but mind you this kind of sport is really existing nowadays and it is only you who have never heard of this sport. To finally start with the topic, chess boxing is a Berlin based sport that requires two players to play. Unlike chess, chess boxing has a two minute round of boxing after which you have to play four minute chess, lucky for those people who have not had bruises during the boxing. This sport maybe weird but this is one example if sports that I have never heard of. Also, another example of sport that you have never heard of is the underwater hockey. Well, this sport is easy but is weird compare to other sports. The mechanics of underwater hockey is very simple, just like playing hockey; you just have to play a hockey in underwater basis. To give you a little background history of the sport, underwater hockey was mainly invented in 1954, and this game was highly played by Singaporeans as well as other people in this world.

Playing sports like basketball, badminton, volleyball and swimming are already played by a lot of people. Why not try playing new sports? We do not need to limit ourselves with this kind of sports. Because as you can see these sports are already overrated remember, the more sports the better, and above all enjoy life to the fullest.



Conan Hunts Down His Assistant’s Stolen Mug

Single Handedly Market a Start Up Online

For a new business or a new venture it’s ideal to use top ways to market your launching or what marketers refer to as your start up. A start up may also refer to the launching of your new catalog, a new product, a new offered service or anything that is new with your business that you want to share with your customers. An effective start up is the beginning of a great business venture and will possibly improve your revenue and your presence as well.

Social networking sites

Possibly the best way to market your start up these days is to take advantage of the social networking phenomenon. People now a days love to reach out as well as tell anyone he knows about what’s new or what interest him. Your business social networking site may announce your new brand, your products or your services and may even host games, contests and promos related to your start up for people to get talking about your business.

Blog site

Aside from your official business site, why not start a blog site which also links to your official site? This blog will support the content of your official site and will be a more informal medium where customers, clients and visitors may visit and leave a comment. You can advertise your products, services or your latest promos and contests here and encourage visitors to sign in and be a part of the site.

Blogs need to be maintained at least once or twice per day for updated content and latest topics concerning your niche. Your readers, visitors and followers will find your blog interesting and worthwhile when you update regularly.

Post your start up in quality places on the web

The web is a great place where you can find people of the same ideals and purpose come together. Depending on your niche or your business, you need to join forums, blogs or news sites where you can post comments and of course market your start up. Make responsible comments and posts and if possible thank the blog owner or the forum moderator for allowing you to post or to comment. Be sure to leave a link that will lead readers to your official site or to your Facebook or Twitter site for more details about your new marketing campaign or your launch.